It is true that we all keep small diaries and notepads for scribing and saving anything that is important for us like an amazing quote you have just read from a book, an inspirational movie dialogue, phone number and address of an old friend whom you have accidently met in a mall while shopping, your shopping or grocery list, reminders to call a friend or pick someone from the airport, your things to do list, your daily schedule and lot more.

Well now mostly the notepads and diaries are replaced by the smartphones these days because we all keep our smartphones with us all the time and it is really convenient to use its note taking applications instead of moving around with a diary and a pen. Every smartphone that is coming out these days do have a simple note taking application. But if you think that the note taking application that you have on your smartphone has limited features then this article will indeed help you. Following are the best Note Taking applications for Android smartphones.

Note Everything Pro

Note Everything Pro is indeed a feature rich notepad application for Android users. With the standard text notes you can also record the voice notes. In addition, you can also paint notes by scribbling on the screen which is indeed a nice feature because with this you can also draw a rough map to a place you want to visit. You can also organize your notes in folders and can also create shortcuts to your notes from the home screen. The standard simple version of the application with limited features is available for free and Pro version with all the amazing features that include checklists, reminders and sticky notes is available for $4.50.

AK Notepad

AK Notepad is the simplest and most basic notepad application with simple and appealing yellow interface. The application only provides text notes facility. If you are looking for more features like voice and paint notes and checklists than you have to look for another Note taking application. However, AK Notepad provides reminder alarms and you can also pin your notes to the home screen. Moreover, with this application you can share your notes on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. You can also SMS your notes. The application is available for free and is indeed good for recording random thoughts.


Evernote is the most amazing and powerful feature rich note taking application. Evernote is actually the part of the Evernote Web Service and offers a lot more than a simple notepad. Using this application you can attach photos, files, videos and voice recording with your text notes. If you are looking for multimedia attachments with your notes than this application is the best choice which is available for free. Only issue is that every time you have to connect to your online Evernote account to access your notes because the app does not store your notes on the local phone memory.

GDocs or Google Docs for Android smartphones is also the simple and basic note taking application that only provides you to take text notes. The application does not offer much but is good for writing simple text notes. With this application as the name suggests you can sync your documents from your online Google Docs account. You can easily import/export, create and can send the documents. The application is available for free.

Catch Notes

Catch Notes is also an amazing note taking feature rich application that is developed by the developers of AK Notepad. With this application you can create your text notes and can embed bar codes, voice notes and pictures from your smartphone gallery or Camera album. You can also apply password protection to your notes and can also share your notes. Users with the online accounts of can also sync to cloud.

The entire above mentioned note taking applications have good features. It majorly depends on the user’s need that what features he/she want to have and would like to use. So, chose the one that best fulfills your needs and enjoy your notes.